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Certified as "America's Best" by Masterfit Bootfitter University

Want To Schedule a Boot Fitting?
Give us a call at (970) 879-4754 or fill out the form below and we will be in touch.
Do my feet hurt when I ski?
If they do, we can help!

Our reputation as bootfitters has been growing so rapidly it surprises even us, (but we’re pretty humble and easily surprised, no sudden movements or loud noises please, we hate to be woken up at work).

What is involved with a custom fit?
Well, we can stretch the plastic shell; grind pockets around foot bulges, add padding to loose spots, relieve toe pressure, add custom liners and make footbeds for the perfect fit.

We can’t stress enough how a good footbed is the most important aspect of a well-fitting, great-performing ski boot. That is why we hand-build Insta Print footbeds – rated highest in the “Inside Tracks” custom insole comparison.

Although we could bore you with the details, it would be easier to just come in and have Jeremy demonstrate with his high-arched, loose-ankled lower appendage. You’ll be shocked and maybe just a little revolted, but in a good way!

Our Guarantee
If you buy a boot from us we guarantee the fit for as long as you own the boot. Not just a season, or a year, but as long as you own it! How many other places can be so confident of their fitting abilities to make that promise?